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Biota Aquarium 2.0 - Lomalo Reef Tank
Biota Aquarium 2.0 - Lomalo Reef Tank
Biota Aquarium 2.0 - Lomalo Reef Tank
Biota Aquarium 2.0 - Lomalo Reef Tank
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Biota Aquarium 2.0 - Lomalo Reef Tank
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Biota Aquarium 2.0 - Lomalo Reef Tank

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The Biota Aquarium is the world's easiest, and most cost-effective saltwater aquarium. All equipment is built-in and designed by Marine Experts to take away the guesswork.

This gives beginners the confidence to own a carefully-designed ecosystem including sustainably bred fish and corals. 

  • All the parts you need to get started
  • Built-in filtration
  • Amazing 30 day livestock guarantee when you buy the Biota Aquarium kit
  • Biota experts are here to help you if you have a question
  • Captive bred fish are already eating and adapted to aquarium life
  • Aquacultured coral and fish are hardier and easier to keep than wild collected 
  • Livestock is cultured, cared for, and shipped by marine biologists
  • $ave when you buy the complete kit from Biota
  • Do you care about ocean conservation? All the marine life in the Biota Aquarium kit is sustainably cultured, even the rock!
  • For every Biota fish purchased, two will be released from our Biota nursery into the protected waters of Palau

Saltwater aquariums can last for decades, but you may be hesitant to set up your dream aquarium because you've heard that they can be difficult to start. A stable, mature saltwater aquarium is easier to care for, but the most perilous time in an aquarium’s life is during the first few months when you also happen to have the least experience. Let the experts at Biota guide you so you can sail through the beginning stages and enjoy a stable reef for years to come.

Biota marine biologists intelligently engineered a reliable kit for beginners with all the parts needed to get you started. Our fish are all captive raised and better suited to life in aquariums than wild fish. A handy list of recommended fish and coral for each size kit takes all the guess work out of stocking your Biota Aquarium with your favorite species. We even stock some exciting fish that you can't find anywhere else in the world.

The quality and reliability of the equipment you use on your aquarium is important to its long term success. Our kits come with equipment hand picked by Biota marine biologists. We chose our favorite components that work best for our own aquariums, and not the brands that would give us the best discounts. We're so confident in the quality of our kit and livestock that we offer an unheard of 30 day livestock guarantee!

What's included? 

Peninsula Mini 25 Reef Aquarium with Built-in Filtration
TLF Accursea 50 Gallon Salt Box x2 
Cobal Neo-Therm 100 W Heater 
TLF outstanding selection 15 lbs Sand
Real Reef Rock 20lbs
AI 16HD LED Reef Light
Arm Mount
Mag Float Small Algae Scrubber
Seachem Prime 100ml
Seachem Stability 250 ml
Reef Nutrition Fish Pellet Food B2 size (400 µm)
Biota Aquariums Gift Card $350

recommended optional accessories: Refractometer, Saltwater Master Test Kit, wavemaker (for corals that love high flow)

Recommended livestock (ask a Biota expert if you need help choosing quantities): 

Court Jester Goby 

Clownfish A. ocellaris varieties (pick one or two)

Starry Goby

Blue Mandarin 

Forktail Blenny

Coral Beauty Angelfish (one angelfish per tank)

Royal Gramma Basslet 

Golden Cuban Basslet (rare)

Seale's Cardinalfish

Striped Blenny

Yellow Cardinalfish

Pajama Cardinalfish 

This tank is great for nano gobies!

Black Belly Nano Goby 

Hairfin Nano Goby

White Spotted Nano Goby 

Upside Down Goby

Queensland Dwarf Goby 

Brahm's Nano Goby

Broadstripe Cleaner Goby  

Yellow Trimma Goby 

Aquacultured Coral

Beginner Aquacultured Corals

Fish for tanks with Fish only, no coral

Colin's Angelfish (one angelfish per tank)

Lemonpeel Angelfish (one angelfish per tank)

Smokey Lemonpeel Angelfish (one angelfish per tank)

Radial Filefish (pick one filefish or request a pair)

Aiptasia Eating Filefish (pick one filefish or request a pair)

"It's super cool having a little coral reef ecosystem for a minimum amount of work and maintenance"

Robert Marini
Hartford, WI

Technical Specs






(Length x Width x Height)

600 x 400 x 400mm


Glass Thickness

6mm (1/4")

Water Height


Aquarium Volume

90 L/23.7 gals

Glass Material

Ultra-clear glass



Filtration Chamber

400 x 80 x 400mm


Filter Sock Chamber

80 x 80 x 400mm


Filter Media/Skimmer Chamber

173 x 80 x 400mm


Pump Chamber

80 x 95 x 400mm


Directional Nozzle


Return Hose







Filter Socks

70mm/2.75" x 1

Filtration Sponge


Activated Carbon


Bio ball

50 pcs

Aquarium Weight

46.3lb (21kg)