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Peaceful Fish Pack - Starry Goby, Radial Filefish, and Forktail Blenny

Peaceful Fish Pack - Starry Goby, Radial Filefish, and Forktail Blenny

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Save 30% when you buy these three species together!

This pack contains one Starry Goby, one Radial Filefish, and one Forktail Blenny for one low price. 

These three interesting species are peaceful and will make great tank mates in an aquarium of at least 10 gallons at purchase size and at least 30 gallons at adult size.

About the fish:

Asterropteryx semipunctatus - The starry goby is an adorable stocky reef goby with large, curious eyes that is perfect for nano tanks. They are more gregarious and visible than most other small nano gobies once they settle into a rocky area of the reef tank. Their dark toned bodies are adorned with iridescent light blue spots that seem reflective when they catch the light just right.

The starry goby is a very passive reef fish that maxes out at 1.5”. They do well in both nano tanks and large reef tanks with plenty of rocky hiding places.

We recommend feeding a variety of frozen meaty foods like Hikari Mysis and PE Calanus, appropriately sized pellets like Easy Reefs DKI pellets and Masstick.

Acreichthys radiatus - The Radial Filefish is a cool dwarf filefish reaching only 3" in length, making it suitable for nano reefs and aquariums. They have an interesting commensal relationship with Xeniids and like to spawn and aggregate within Xenia and similar soft coral colonies in aquariums, but don't require them for survival in captivity. They have amazing camouflage capabilities and will try to match their surroundings. For this reason, their colors and pattern varies significantly. 

Wild caught Radial Filefish are reef safe "with caution," but we have not observed our captive bred Radial Filefish eating coral. Especially when young, this species may bite down and hold on to a Xenia or soft coral polyp while they sleep so they aren't swept away. This behavior may be mistaken by the casual observer as the fish eating the coral. They might nibble at at coral mucus and food particles that are trapped in the mucus, but not enough to do harm to their host coral. Reports from reefers and other aquaculture facilities over the past 5+ years point to captive bred Radial Filefish being reef safe, but risk averse reefers should avoid this species if planning to keep them in a diverse mixed reef. Although closely related to the Aiptasia Eating Filefish, the Radial Filefish does not reliably eat pest anemones. 

Once a rare species in the aquarium hobby, captive breeding has made this fascinating species more available. Their striking bands and interesting relationship with soft corals has made them a sought after filefish. Captive bred Radial Filefish do well in pairs or small groups in aquariums when added at the same time, and they're peaceful toward other fish species.

These obligate omnivores are easy to keep and feed. We recommend a variety of frozen foods, appropriately sized pellets, and Easy Reefs DKI pellets and Masstick.

Meiacanthus atrodorsalis - The Forktail Blenny is an outgoing, curious species of fang blenny. Most blennies are shy and hide most of the time, but not the Forktail Blenny. It's extra gregarious because it doesn't have much to worry about due to its secret weapon - venomous fangs. It's extremely rare for aquarists to receive a bite; just be careful not to accidentally squeeze or harass your blenny. In the wild if a fish tries to gobble them, they inflict a painful bite, and the fish (hopefully) releases them. This confidence allows them to swim out in the open, interacting with and entertaining their humans.

This is an incredibly hardy and reef safe species with beautiful coloration and lots of personality. They do well in small tanks of 30 gallons or more singly, in pairs, or in small groups in larger aquariums. We recommend a variety of foods like frozen mysis, Easy Reefs DKI pellets and MasstickFeeding on C1, C2, PE Calanus, Hikari Mysis