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Easy Masstick 80

Easy Masstick 80

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Easy Masstick - a ready to use formula requires no preparation

Masstick is a blend of diverse, all natural, self-production, highly technical compounds, providing natural and balanced nutrition for omnivorous fish and marine invertebrates.

Masstick is comprised of raw materials of marine origin. It does not contain attractants, artificial preservatives or synthesis products. 

It can be stuck to any surface of the aquarium, depending on the animals’ needs. 

✔ Only Marine Raw Materials
✔ All ingredients aquacultured by Easy Reefs
✔ 100% Natural
✔ 100% Sustainable
✔ 100% Made in house nothing added
✔ Ready to use
✔ Nutritionally complete
✔ Environmentally friendly
❌ No wild fishmeal used!
❌ No land based ingredients or plants!
❌ No chemical additives, stimulants or stabilizers!

Masstick can be blended with any mollusc or crustacean pulp as well as eggs from fish, molluscs and crustaceans, artemia, mysids, copepods, rotifers and medicines that are administered orally. 

Once introduced into the aquarium, Masstick does not disperse into the water for hours, so it can be completely taken advantage of by fish and crustaceans. This feature allows the product to be used as “ad libitum” or rationed feeding.

Because Masstick is comprised mainly of freeze-dried crustaceans, it does not contain fish skeletons and is thus very low in phosphates compared to its protein content. 

 Instructions for use:
Take a portion of Masstick and stick it on a rock, a branched coral skeleton, or the aquarium glass (preferably on the lower third), or depending on the food-obtaining habits of the animals in the aquarium.