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*What Is Biota's DOA Policy?

Biota Aquariums is committed to providing the highest quality, sustainably cultured animals that have been thoroughly conditioned for their upcoming journey to you.

We offer a 7 day guarantee on your live stock. If the animal perishes due to circumstances beyond your control within this time period we offer a credit for the value of the specimen for our store. We need photographic evidence of the specimens to complete the DOA/DAA claim. Please fill out guarantee form here. *

*This is within reason and up to our discretion. We will not provide credit for mortalities involving aggression from incompatible tank mates, losses due to prophylactic treatment, or incorrect acclimation procedure. 

How should I acclimate my shipment? 

We recommend floating the bags for 10-15 minutes to make sure temperatures are similar and then release the fish into the tank. We do not recommend drip acclimation. 

You can find our recommended acclimation procedure here.

How are your fish shipped? 

We ship our livestock via UPS Next Day Air. Each animal is individually packaged with adequate water and oxygen. We also include additives that prevent shipping stress and water toxicity to ensure your livestock arrives in the best condition. 

Do I need to quarantine your fish? 

Although our distribution facility is biosecure and we only receive shipments from our breeders, we do suggest all hobbyists quarantine livestock regardless of vendor. It is good practice to ensure you're only adding the healthiest and most ready livestock to your display aquarium. We do advise against prophylactically treating with harsh treatments as some of our livestock is sensitive to specific treatments.

We highly advise against immediately treating our animals when they arrive. Please give a few days to allow them to acclimate to their new surroundings before prophylactically treating you do decide to treat.

If you have questions about quarantining our livestock please do not hesitate to reach out to our support email at

You Say You Are A 'Sustainable' Company. What Makes You Different From Other Fish Suppliers?

We only sell captive-raised or tank-raised fish. Most other companies sell wild-caught animals. This is not to say that all wild-caught animals are not sustainably harvested, but it’s almost impossible to know which ones are and which ones are not. The future of the marine hobby is in aquaculture and Biota Aquariums is proud to offer the first-ever commercially available aquarium that includes only cultured animals.

Can You Ship Biota Internationally?

Due to International Agriculture Laws we are only able to ship Biota and our living organisms to the contiguous US (48 contiguous states & Washington DC only). We are working with International wholesalers in order to provide livestock around the world. This is increasing as we grow, please let your local fish store know you're interested in our livestock so we know which countries to ship to next!

What Sort Of Fish Do You Release Back Into The Ocean For The Fish I Buy?

At our Biota Marine Life Nursery in Palau, we release Rabbitfish into the protected waters to help restock the ocean. They are hardy fish whose stocks are depleted because they are popular fish to eat.