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Acclimation Guide

Biota's suggested acclimation guide: 

We pack all of our animals individually for the safety and optimal success of each specimen. When we ship out all animals are provided with fresh shipping water that includes stress reducing and ammonia detoxifying additives to reduce the amount of shipping stress in transit. Due to these additives we suggest a quick acclimation stated below: 

 *We highly advise against the standard drip acclimation methodology*

1. Open box and inspect animals for immediate health. 

2. Turn off lights on aquarium. 

3. Float bags in aquarium for 10-15 minutes making sure to avoid clogging overflows or filtration. 

4. Open bags and using a net introduce your new aquatic life to your tank. Be sure to avoid high flow areas and for smaller specimens make sure they are not predated on before they find the rockwork. 

5. Leave lighting off for an additional 20-30 minutes and then turn lighting on. 

Straying away from this guide may invalidate our DOA/DAA policy. Other acclimation methods could be harmful for our live animals.

New additions may be shy for the first day or two but should accept pellet and frozen foods once adjusted to their surroundings. Please be sure to monitor their health and behaviors for the first week. If you have any questions or concerns please send over an email to